This stone house nestled in the forest near Fanano was built in 1918. In autumn, people were used to stay there for a few months to pick the chestnuts, dry them with wood fire and finally make the flour. Chestnut flour was the base of the diet during those difficult times for mountain people. It was abandoned for many years before being discovered again and renovated with care to become a wonderful retreat for nature lovers.

The renovation works lasted several years, as everything had to be carried up the path and carefully restored by craftsmen. To keep the authenticity of the place, it was decided to install running water, but not electricity. Candles are creating a magic and relaxing atmosphere inside and around the stone house. A fireplace, a wood stove and a barbecue are also part of the forest experience.

 Il Metato is located in the Regional Park of Frignano, at the border of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. This natural and pristine environment is full of cascades, rivers and lakes. It is also a hiker's paradise with many scenic paths in different valleys, each with their own charm. From the main road, leave your car at the parking area near the cascade and walk up the path to the stone house.


At a short walking distance from the stone house is an antique mountain trail called the Roman Way. Open by the Romans, it was slowly forgotten during the Barbarian invasions, but regained activity in the Middle Ages. It was used by soldiers and merchants to cross the Apennines mountains, but also by pilgrims from Northern Europe on their way to Rome.

About 3 km down the Roman Way from the stone house, the medieval village of Fanano is the historical and cultural center of the valley. It is mostly known for its castle and its open air museum of carved stones. It boasts a very colorful regional market on Sundays. There are also several local festivals and typical events organized all year round.