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Festasio is the indigenous grape variety of the Festà hill, an ancestral witness to the presence of vineyards in the area since the early Middle Ages and now practically extinct due to the abandonment of high-altitude lands. However, Festasio, like other neglected minor grape varieties due to low productivity, can express its distinctive character and excellent quality, especially when cultivated in the original territory of Festà in Marano sul Panaro.

Through a strenuous effort of recovery and replanting of the Festasio grape, Podere Prasiano has obtained the wine NERO DI FESTA'. This wine has unique characteristics: a dark purple-red color, substantial, with intense floral aromas of violet and peony on the nose, and an elegant, savory palate with fruity notes reminiscent of blackberry and blackcurrant.​

Podere Prasiano participated in the project for the reintroduction and enhancement of the indigenous Festasio grape within the framework of the Emilia Romagna Region's program to counter the loss of viticultural biodiversity. The preservation project for the Festasio grape involved collaboration with the Municipality of Marano Sul Panaro, the Province of Modena, CRPV Faenza, the Astra laboratory in Tebano, the University of Modena, and the University of Bologna, along with a dedicated network of volunteers.

Read more about our Festasio Project in the blog written by Mrs. Rebecca Margolis for SlowFood Chicago.

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