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Festasio or Nero Festà is an antique grape variety that had practically disappeared when people stopped traditional viticulture in the hills. However, Festasio, like other native grape varieties having disappeared because of their low productivity, is able to express a particular terroir of high quality, especially if it is cultivated on its territory of origin of Festà di Marano sul Panaro. Podere Prasiano is involved in the reintroduction project of the native grape variety Festasio, by planting a new vine in January 2018 and through activities to promote and develop this grape variety.

Podere Prasiano is a founding member of the GO (Gruppo Operativo) in the form of a temporary Association aimed at achieving the goals of the Plan for Innovation foreseen by the SAL.VA.RE.BIO.VIT.ER.

  • Title of the plan: Recovery, safeguarding and enhancement of vinicultural biodiversity in Emilia-Romagna.

  • Notice and reference: Mis. 16.1.01 PSR Regione Emilia-Romagna 2017

  • Area concerned: 4A

  • Lead: CRPV Soc. Coop

Objective: The project aims to mitigate the risk of loss in regional vinicultural biodiversity, through the agronomic and oenological valorization of varieties at risk of erosion already included in the regional Voluntary Directory, as well as by the extension of unknown heritage knowledge by the genetic and ampelographic characterization.

Read more about our Festasio Project in the blog written by Mrs. Rebecca Margolis for SlowFood Chicago.

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