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Prasiano is the original name of this country house, built in 1920, by the best builders of this area. The main building was originally used both as a house for the farmer and his family and as a cow stable and barn. The smaller house was built for smaller animals such as chickens, rabbits, pigeons and a pig.

The "Podere"(the house including the land surrounding the property) was purchased by the Cavani family in 1959, along with other properties in the medieval village of Festà. In the Hamlet of Salata di Festà, bordering Podere Prasiano, you can see an ancient portal carved in stone by Mastro Antonio d'Ambrosino in 1516, at the entrance of the Renaissance Palace with dovetower, which is still owned by the Cavani family. 

The Prasiano property, left abandoned for several years, came back to life as a farm in 2001. After a careful renovation following the principles of bio-construction, Podere Prasiano is since the end of 2010 an organic agriturismo, which welcomes travelers from all over the world, eager to discover this beautiful Italian region.

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