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We are happy to share our vision of a better world with our guests and it starts by respecting the environment and living naturally, according to the principle of the 3R's: "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle". For us, the pleasure of cooking and eating fresh food prepared with quality ingredients, organically home-grown or from other local farms or small artisanal producers is of primary importance.

The house has been renovated along the principles of bio-construction: the outside walls and the roof are eco-friendly insulated with natural fibers and lime, the floor heating is fueled by renewable energy using solar systems and wood burning stove. Specific attention has been paid to save energy, investing in low consumption lamps and electrical appliances, in led lights and in low impact outside lighting solutions such as solar lamps.

Rain and underground water are collected and recycled to irrigate both the garden and the orchard. Podere Prasiano tap water is purified and can be drunk directly from the tap instead of using bottled water, so avoiding the use of plastic bottles. We do recycle all kinds of materials and our organic waste is turned into compost, a useful and natural fertilizer for the vegetable garden.

All personal care products, which are available in the dispensers of the guest rooms, are first quality and organic  Even for the daily cleaning of the house and rooms, only natural and biodegradable products are used.

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